Silvano Coriani

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Silvano Coriani is a Principal Program Manager in Azure SQL Database team. He has 20+ years’ experience in application development and database design, troubleshooting and performance tuning. As self-employed first, and then part of SQL CAT and Azure Data engineering teams, he presented at several industry leading conferences and co-wrote several articles on data related topics.


Title : Increase Azure SQL application resiliency with configurable retry logic

Description :

Transient connectivity errors are a fact of life in cloud application, not a remote probability. Events like hardware or software failures, reconfigurations or planned maintenance need to be considered and addressed by implementing proper retry logic in your codebase. Historically speaking, there were multiple 3rd party libraries available to simplify this task for cloud developers, but they required to change existing applications in order to achieve that end goal. Starting from v3.0 of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient drivers, we’re introducing Configurable Retry Logic within our client driver portfolio, and the ability to enable default retry logic policies for new and existing application by adding some settings in app configuration files, without the need for changing your application code. In this session, we will present this new feature and all the options developers have to significantly improve the resiliency of their cloud applications.

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