S Ravi Kumar

Solution Architect & Technology Advisor

Ravi is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years of IT services experience using Microsoft technologies. His work and past engagements have been in defining solution architecture, developing web, desktop and mobile solutions for complex business scenarios. He is also active in initiatives to take software to communities and has started the DotCoreTechies meet-up group in addition to being an active member of the local developer community involved in mentoring and training developers in business cases for the usage of Microsoft technologies like ASP.Net, C#, .Net Core, Xamarin to name a few.

He is an active speaker and has made presentations at conferences both in India and abroad and also mentor startups in his spare time. He provides corporate training in Microsoft Technologies to leading corporates including Fortune 500 ones and has trained over 150 professionals.


Title : Full Stack Azure Architecture

Description :

Whenever we talk about Full-Stack Development it’s always related to development frameworks and their uses. However Azure provides lots of tools and options for doing full-stack development. In this session, we will be talking about how we can architect a full-stack web application using all Azure tools.

In this talk, we will learn about :
1) What is Azure
2) Azure Tools to be used in Full-Stack Web App Development.
3) A futuristic application architecture
4) Key considerations for Azure architecture
5) Open Challenges with Azure architecture
6) Small Demo of Full-Stack .NET Web application on Azure architecture.

Speaker Details