Rickard Oh

Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional, Cloud & DevSecOps architect

Dedicated solution, software & infra architect. Developer at heart and strongly believes in DevOps, PaaS and serverless.
15 years ago Rickard started off as an “onprem” .NET developer and software architect and faced all the problems that occur within organisations that do not have enough automation for testing, provisioning infrastructure, self service etc. This got Rickard interested in Cloud and DevOps.
Rickard has ten years of experience of Azure in different roles and companies, from startups to some of the biggest Azure customers in the Europe.

Rickard is involved in all areas of DevSecOps and helps his customers maximize those areas with the help of Azure, Azure DevOps and Github. Strong believer in DevSecOps, PaaS/Serverless and “modern” security

Rickard runs his own Azure Expert consultant company. The goal is to help customers be successful in Azure in all areas: technology, culture and processes.
Rickard’s main Azure expertise areas are: Azure Kubernetes Service, App service, Azure Functions, Azure monitor, Azure Security and Governance.

Rickard’s consultant role is usually some kind of Azure expert within customer’s Cloud Center of Excellence team’s helping the whole organisation to be successful in Azure. Rickard regularly presents at user groups, conferences and internal customer workshops.
Rickard works closely with MS Product teams to make Azure an even greater platform!
SweNug, .NET User Group Orebro Organizer.


Title : Become an Azure troubleshoot rockstar with Azure Monitor

Description :

Learn everything about monitoring in Azure and even utilize the same tools for on-premise applications & services to get a full stack hybrid monitoring experience.
Rickard has helped many Dev, Ops & DevOps teams implement a monitoring strategy in Azure and onpremise using Azure monitor. Rickard is a strong believer of you build you run it – Monitoring should be done by the team that understands the application – the one’s that built it.

Rickard has deep knowledge of Azure monitor and has been a part of the development of several Azure monitor services & functionalities together with Microsoft Azure Monitor Product Teams.

Join this demo packed session and become an Azure troubleshoot rockstar!

Audience: Developers, IT pros

Learn how to:
• Find & troubleshoot problems in your applications in minimum time
• Find bugs before they reach production
• Do full stack monitoring with Azure monitor for any application, any stack
• Present monitoring data in a user friendly way
• Do automated alerting and self healing

Azure monitor, Application insights, Application map, Container insights, Azure Kubernetes Service, Application Change Analysis, Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Availability tests, Azure Monitor Workbooks, Hybrid applications

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