Kjell Hegstad

Head of Digital Transformation and Co-founder of ING Direct

Conceptualized and Drove ING DIRECT’s US/Global Innovations and delivered fastest bank to 1M mobile users
Conceptualized and helped build Capital One Mobile/Digital/Team + Innovation Labs
Invited by Bank of China to present “How to build a Global Innovation Ecosystem”
Consulted to NAB’s (Australian Top 3-4 banks) Global Innovation Strategy
Selected by The World Bank as one of 20 US Innovators for an Innovation Session, solving Global SocialEconomic Problems.

Globally focused Executive Chief Innovation Officer and entrepreneur primarily in the digital industry having built innovative products, services at Capital One, ING Direct, Intel Corp + Fortune 500 firms and in the start-up industry.

Director, Innovation, Mobile and Emerging Tech at Capital One, developing/driving mobile and emerging technologies, API strategy and innovation labs/teams. Managed mobile roadmaps from planning to launch.

Executive founding team member at $90Billion ING DIRECT USA. Continue to drive/pilot/launch new technologies with new and innovative marketing/delivery channels including mobile and social media. Designed and launched the mobile banking channel capped by co-ringing the bell at New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the launch. Proposed/presented a Global mobile roadmap to ING Bank Board of Directors.

Built and managed Planet Orange, an award-winning (“Best of Web” award by FORBES, “Best Bet” by USA Today) financial edutainment site for kids 6-12years old. Web master for ingdirect.com, contributing to an extremely high NPS score of 66.

Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation building/driving “Intel Inside” campaign to Top 10 Global OEM’s while maintaining executive/C level contacts.


Title : Innovate Faster | Cloud

Description :

This session will discuss how you can innovate faster in any cloud environment – for that matter, can help accelerate digital innovation whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise.

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