Carlos Lopez

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Senior Database Administrator & MCP

Microsoft Data Platform MVP Senior Database Administrator MCP
Guatemala SQL User Group community leader,
Cloud Database Engineer.
Experienced in multi-platform databases on RDBMS MS SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Oracle, MySQL, No SQL experienced in MongoDB as well.
Experienced in large-scale relational databases management support, passionate about K8S and Docker container tech-oriented to development and data platform.

Advanced Linux user, Gentoo distro fan since v.1.4.

In his spare time, Carlos is an enthusiastic swimmer and runner.


Title : Working with Azure SQL DB Serverless

Description :

Summary: In this session we will be working with Azure SQL DB, we will be exploring
the use of the compute model serverless. Using the Azure CLI, and the declarative mode we will be
creating, deleting and altering the server and databases. All of this with the help of Visual Studio Code
integrating with different technologies to make SQL Server better.

Goal 1: Provisioning the server with the serverless compute model
Goal 2: Creating and altering db using declarative model through Azure CLI
Goal 3: Creating a client that consumes the database using serverless function built in python

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